Can Artificial Grass be installed ourselves?

With just a little planning and preparation you can achieve some great results. You can also save money by fitting your own artificial grass. For this we recommend you prep the ground, include drainage, use a weed membrane and fix the grass down appropriately. For any advice please contact our sales team.

How much does Artificial Grass cost?

Artificial grass is safe, hygienic and easy to clean – ideal if you have children or pets. It does come with an upfront cost of between £4 – £30 per square meter. The good news is after the initial cost you will have many years of enjoying a virtually maintenance free garden.

A cost example :-
A small garden measuring 4M by 4M using Luxury 30mm Artificial Grass would cost £152 including delivery – weed membrane would cost around £18.

You can always contact our sales team to quote for your situation, free samples are available.

Professional Artificial Grass Installation

If you have a professional fitting your grass, costs will vary depending on where you are in the country and the groundworks required. We work with various installers around the country so please get in touch if you would like us to help find someone in your area.

Outdoor maintenance

As your fake grass is going to be outdoors you may find that your lawn starts to accumulate things like soil, leaves and general garden waste. To maintain your garden you are best to give it a stiff brush regularly to clear any debris and to keep the fibres erect.

How to tackle marks and stubborn stains

To get rid of general marks use some washing up liquid and some warm water with a scrubbing brush. Do not use a jet wash or bleach. You can also use Artificial Grass Cleaner to reduce any build-up of odours and keeping it looking pristine condition.