What is the best Artificial Grass for Pets?

Over recent years Artificial Grass has become increasingly popular for pet owners looking for a low maintenance, pet friendly space for their beloved furry friend.
All our ranges are suitable for pets as they contain no harmful chemicals or toxins (even if chewed/ingested), but some products do have greater advantages than others, we will explain all the key factors below.
When choosing your perfect lawn the durability will be paramount, especially if your pet can be rough on outdoor surfaces. You will want to look for a turf that can withstand heavy foot traffic, digging and rough play. For this you will want a shorter pile with a strong, resilient yarn that will withstand wear and tear and will not flatten easily over time.
Correct drainage is essential for ensuring you keep a clean and odour-free garden. You will want to ensure you have prepared the base correctly for this, and that the lawn you have chosen has drainage holes to allow any urine and rainwater to drain through correctly. This will help prevent puddling and the build-up of odorous substances.
 Pile Height & Density:
The pile height & density best suited for pets is something short and dense, this will make the grass easier to clean & maintain and also provide support and cushioning for your pets paws.
Most of our products have a double backing, one with polypropylene and another of latex. Even though the latex is animal friendly some pets, just like humans, can be allergic. This may cause irritation, redness or hair loss in extreme cases. Some of our products have a polyurethane (PU) backing which is completely latex free making it better suited for any pet or person with latex allergies. A PU backed product also doesn’t absorb any moisture / liquids like latex can, meaning it will not absorb any urine which can eventually crystalise creating odours. With either backing we would recommend to regularly wash your turf with a diluted disinfectant for hygiene reasons.
To conclude, by selecting a high quality product taking in the above points with the correct install, you can create a safe & comfortable outdoor environment for your furry friends. If you would like any further information / advice on this topic please don’t hesitate to drop us an email / give us a call.